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Various food

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A good cuppa coffee

Being a coffee drinker, I need coffee to perk me up on a daily basis. However, having said that, I limit myself to one cup a day that is first thing in the morning (or at worst 2 a day).

What then makes a really good cup of coffee? Well, while coffee culture is picking up its momentum here in Kuala Lumpur, it still has a long way to go in comparison to cities like Melbourne, Australia. Lately there has been a tremendous amount of coffee places sprouting in every corner of the city but how many of them really make the mark sometimes I wonder?

For those who goes for coffee with me, they know I have a liking for latte because it is at most time just right, not too rich neither it is too mild.

Let's see....this morning was at Prince Court Medical Centre for my treatment as usual and had gotten a latte from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, the only other coffee place in the hospital and I was disappointed. While I had been to Coffee Bean numerous times throughout the city but I never liked their coffee because it didnt taste as good. Even their blended coffee didnt taste half as good as Starbucks Fraps. But then each to his/her own.
Horrible late from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @PCMC

Back to the coffee I had this morning, well, I had a latte as usual and it tasted horrible. The coffee somehow lack flavour/aroma and tasted really blend and flat, which was pretty sad. It is as tho, the coffee that was used to make the latte has lost its fragrant and freshness and perhaps they added way too much water to dilute it further (possibly to save cost).

 To add to my disappointment, the service in this particular outlet isn't really great either - they are very slow and I am not the only one that says so. Some of my acquaintances that has been to the same outlet at the hospital think so too that the service sucks and the coffee isnt half as great tho their blended juices are nice.

Later in the afternoon, I went for a photoshoot assignment at a building known as Menara Mara in the city area and there happen to be a Dr Cafe Coffee@Menara Mara. I had previously tried Dr Cafe Coffee, which I believe is an Arabic coffee chain making its in road into the lucrative growing coffee culture here in Malaysia. This time I opted for Ice Latte, which again is a disappointment. It wont be fair to compare the prices of Dr Cafe and Coffee Bean as Dr Cafe is a lot cheaper and affordable. Previously I had tried their coffee at their outlet near where I live and it wasnt that bad.
Dr Caffe Coffee@Menara Mara was also disappointing

The ice latte was again very diluted perhaps because they had put too much ice in it and it was really bitter dispute adding considerable amount of sugar syrup and certainly didnt taste like latte nor coffee at all. Nonetheless, the service is friendly.

I find it appalling that despite being under similar chains and with SOPs in place at every single outlets the quality still differs so much between them.

I like Starbucks coffee. Normally I take Starbucks Mocha Frap, however, recently I am so into their new Asian Dolce Latte - a blend of espresso, light milk and mocha. It taste so great that I am getting so addicted to it.
Starbucks Frap

However, my favorite remains Esprementte Illy. Illy coffee is to die for. Its so smooth and made just right. One of my flavour of the coffee is the Half and Half, a blend of half choc and half coffee and its cold, although their latte is also really wonderful. I tend to call Illy coffee perk me up coffee because it does just that and keeps me going for an entire day.
Illy's Half & half - thick blend of half coffee & half chocolate - its so aromatic 

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